5 Of The Best Things I’ve Ever Eaten.

There is one thing the human race can agree on, food=good. On those beautiful occasions where you take the first bite of your meal and realize it’s possible that this was the best decision of your life, it is only civil to inform others of the gem you have discovered. I compiled this list of 5 from different dining options, such as location, culture, and price, and judged it based on only one criterium; if I were to die tomorrow, what would I eat today.

  • The Mellowterranean: from The Mellow Mushroom(Asheville,NC). The best pizza I have ever had the pleasure of drooling over, and from such a strange place. The mellow mushroom is pretty much a hippie joint but they hand make their dough and the ingredients are primo. This came with a delicious garlic parmesan crust, topped with onion,olives, greek chicken, feta and tzatziki sauce for dipping. Brilliant.
  • Houston Combo: from James Coney Island Hot Dogs(Houston,TX). James Coney Island is the only fast food joint I would drive 20 minutes for. The Houston Combo is two Chili Cheese Coneys with fries and a drink. Oh, do you want chili and cheese on your fries? You’re damn right I do! Is that even a question?! I find myself licking the plate every time I eat there, and that is not an exaggeration. On a side note JCI cleverly uses steamed buns that are closed at the ends to avoid chili cheese spillage. Hot dog physics everyone, take notes.
  • Classic MeatloafFrom Seeds Bistro(Anacortes, Wa). Don’t let the simplicity fool you or be deterred by the word meatloaf, Seeds will blow away your misconceptions about a good loaf. The shitake cream mushroom sauce ladled over the meatloaf paired with a pile of garlic mashed potatoes is a plating strategy made in heaven. You know it’s extraordinary when you feel compelled to give a bit to every person at the table to justify the fact you are on the verge of tears while eating your dinner. It was that good.
  • Lemon Herb Roasted Rabbit, Seasoned Rice and Potatoes. From a cafe with no name(Olympia, Greece). You know a meal is going to be special when the waiter brings your food out and points to the little old lady that cooked it who is watching to see you take the first bite. That’s called taking pride in your work. Of course it was packed with flavor as if it had been slow roasted for hours with olive oil and lemon. It was simply spiced, there were no overbearing flavors, everything blended to subtle perfection. Let me also mention Greek potatoes are on a whole different level of potato, they really use them like a sponge to absorb flavor. Efxaristo mama!!
  • Hinze’s BBQ: Hinze’s(Wharton, TX). Call me partial but this is the best BBQ in Texas. The brisket is always perfectly smoked, crisp salt crust outside and tender on the inside; truly the house made sausage is the stuff of Texas legend. There is nothing better than a lunch plate after working at my grandfather’s ranch, who just so happened to have sold Mr. Hinze the neon sign in the front for 3 chocolate pies. Oh and let’s not forget the pie, true southern chocolate pie is handmade here everyday. The perfect cap to a wood smoked meal of smoked meat and country sides.

What’s the best thing you’ve ever eaten?


2 thoughts on “5 Of The Best Things I’ve Ever Eaten.

  1. This post is full of nomnoms! I’m definitely going to try the two of the places listed within Texas since I live in Texas and will be moving to Houston for grad school next year. I have yet to find awesome BBQ where I live, which is pretty close to Mexico. I’m tired of the mundane Tex-Mex food served around here! :/

    Some of the best things I’ve ever eaten?
    1.) (Can’t recall the name of the restaurant) Sugar Land, TX: Authentic gyro (for me, that’s pretty hard to find!) complete with some Turkish coffee. It was just lamb meat (seasoned and flavored), fresh onions, tomato, slathered with tzaziki sauce. Simple, but very delicious. I had great experience in that mom and pop restaurant and the owner was really friendly. I would definitely make another pit stop at Sugar Land just to visit this place.

    2.) (Another restaurant I can’t recall) Manila, Philippines: Known as “Ukoy” or Shrimp Fritters. It is actually more of an appetizer or a side dish for the main meal. I also prefer the squash and papaya variety and served with pickled green papaya called “achara.” I would certainly recommend this to people that are venturous when it comes to trying foods from different cultures.

    3. Sweet Temptations, McAllen, TX: Banana Caramel Pie from Sweet Temptations is just sinful. It’s mind-blowing… My mouth waters when I even think about it. I treat myself to their delicious pie after a grueling workout once in a blue moon.

    But to be honest some of the best food I’ve tasted were made in my kitchen(Oh so shameless)… Like my mother’s own “bistek tagalog” and I can make mean black bean burgers and tuna steak “adobo.” I also like to experiment in the kitchen. For every good dish, I have at least two failed dishes (I’m working on it!). 😛 But really, I should explore for more mindblowing food. I’m looking forward to my future foodie travels!

    • I do have a soft spot for greek food, they are so simply made, but always delicious. In Houston there is a place called Niko Niko’s which is absolutely amazing, James Coney Island is the go to for sure for hot dogs.

      I must admit I too am a fan of my own cooking, on occassion I will go on a food network bender and watch only that for like a week straight. You really learn a lot from it! Kudos for your self sufficiency in the kitchen, I really respect anyone who puts in the time/effort, home cooks are a dying breed!

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