5 of The Most Awe-Inspiring Scientific Theories Ever Proposed.

A theory is most readily defined as a proposed explanation that, as of yet, has not been disproved. This does not assume that all theories are correct; however it does push one to think of all of the possible explanations for the world around us. What follows are five of the strangest, and shockingly, most plausible scientific theories I have ever come across. Because as Poe once said, ” Science has not yet taught us if madness is or is not the sublimity of the intelligence.”

  • String Theory: Renowned theoretical physicist Michio Kaku explains that the string theory assumes a multiverse. That is to say that there is not a single universe but multiple, he likens this to soap bubbles floating around and either colliding and merging together, or pulling and splitting apart. This splitting or colliding is one explanation of what exactly caused the Big Bang(the splitting of a larger universe caused the explosion and expansion our our known universe). Assuming multiverses exist we would also have to assume multiple dimensions, so the question is can we reach them? No one is certain, but if you saw The Mist then I think your with me when I say some real freaky stuff could go down. Let’s wait a few thousand years.
  • Black Hole Creationism: This theory is similar to the String Theory in the fact that it assumes a multiverse perspective; it differs however in what is creating each individual universe.  So we know a Black Hole is created from a supernova, and we know that it sucks up all the surrounding matter and likely spits it out somewhere. Following the idea that matter can neither be created nor destroyed we are posed with the idea that perhaps all the matter sucked into a black hole spawns a new universe, which is another explanation for the ignition of the Big Bang. This is also used to explain the observable universe by stating that our universe IS limited, because we are living in a universe inside a black hole. Inception.
  • Theory of Relativity: Don’t scoff. You may think you know about Einstein’s famous theory but you probably don’t appreciate it’s levels of awesomeness. For example, you probably think your sitting down right now, just hanging out right? Wrong. You are currently spinning at a rate of 1,000 mph by the rotation of the earth alone, not to mention we are orbiting the sun at 67,000 mph; oh and don’t forget our solar system is orbiting the center of the universe at 500,000 mph. Relativity saves the day, because relative to your desk and computer, your not moving faster, or slower it’s just right. Huzzah science!
  • Worm Hole Theory: Credit to Michio Kaku again with a great demonstration of the worm hole theory. Take a piece of paper, call it a portion of the universe,then put a dot on both ends of the paper, if we consider the space between these two points as light years of separation that’s a pretty vast distance. But if we fold the paper and make the two dots touch each other the gap has been bridged and the distance between the two points has been eliminated. Worm holes work in the same manner, a worm hole entry point will bridge the distance to the worm hole exit. Essentially if we could harness the ability to create an entry point and exit at any desired location we would hold the key to the universe. However, this is pure theory, Einstein believed that wormholes existed but only for a short time before the tunnel would close. From what we do know of black holes, the gravitational power is far to dangerous for human investigation in the foreseeable future.
  • Alternate Planes of Existence: Another theory from Einstein. I honestly could not find the exact academic text about this theory but I still have notes I took from a Philosophy of Biology class I really enjoyed. My professor explained that according to Einstein different planes exist in time, much like if you took a soil sample from the earth. So just as the earth has built layer upon layer of sediment over time so has a persons life, and just as you can view all the periods of time from a soil sample one can theoretically see the passing of time throughout a lifetime. The theory hypothesized that somewhere in an alternate universe exists a 1 year old you, a 2 year old, 3 year old etc for all time. So just think, in some alternate universe your still wetting the bed.

I hope this post blew your mind.


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