5 Reasons AMC’s “The Walking Dead” is the Best Show on Television.

Sorry for the hiatus fellow Internet grazers, I got a job, moved across the country, and found a new place. I was a bit busy, I neglected you, I’m sorry, it won’t happen again. Here is a fresh post that should have been written a long time ago.

The Walking Dead is the best show on television right now, hands down. It’s brutal, viciously entertaining, terrifying, and shockingly human all at the same time. Here are five reasons why you should be getting locked and loaded with Rick Grimes every Sunday night.

  • Proper Adaptation: For those who aren’t aware The Walking Dead was a graphic novel before it was on television. The comics span a pretty vast timeline and the show is a few years behind how far the comic has progressed. The beautiful thing here is that the show has begun to vary from the comic book, providing die-hard comic fans with an equally well-written new adventure. Keeping it fresh, in the land of the dead.
  • Quality Acting: I think one of the best moves the show made was brining a majority of relatively unknown actors into the show. Basically it allows the audience to really get sucked in to believing the reality of the writing, we don’t know most of the actors, and thus we do not have prior stereotypes of their work. It makes the show real. Also, the lack of big time actors makes the unexpected death of your favorite character an ever present possibility. Main characters and small bits are both in constant danger, it will keep you on the edge all night.
  • If you want blood, you got it: I am trying to consider the last time a show has really pushed the boundaries of what can be shown on cable television. Truly, the attention to detail and absurd realism of the violence takes the show to the next level in regards to drawing fear out of real world scenarios. The “backwoods surgery” scenes of this season without the use of anesthesia have really made us afraid for the well being of our characters. When a broken arm will likely lead to death the stress level is heightened.
  • What would you do: I think this is the viewer’s favorite topic during the show, every decision, every action or crisis of conscious can be discussed among the audience. Rick does an excellent job of leading the group in my opinion; I really enjoy the ruthlessness he has brought this season regarding the safety of the group.  The “it’s us or them” mentality is starting to shine, Team Grimes all the way. You and your pom-pom tree hugging hippies who want to help every person they find can take your pity party somewhere else. We don’t play that game.
  • Character Evolution: Another genius plot point has been the evolution of various characters, Daryl the loner turning into a loyal protector, Rick the Boy Scout becoming a cold dictator. But perhaps one of the most surprising transformations has been one many fans call the most annoying character on the show. Carl, Rick’s young son, is slowly turning from whiny ne’er-do-well, to a pre-teen survivor. Imagine the capabilities of a kid who grew up in the zombie apocalypse. Instead of learning to ride a bike he’s learning to track people, instead of fitting in at school he’s learning how to knife zombies in the dark. I’m pumped to see what he becomes, if he lives that is.

3 thoughts on “5 Reasons AMC’s “The Walking Dead” is the Best Show on Television.

  1. Team Grimes all the way! Going off on a tangent here, but I find Andrea annoying. Why isn’t she dead yet?!

    An interesting tidbit about the actor that plays Rick Grimes… He’s actually British and I’m impressed that he hasn’t let his real accent slip during the extremely emotional scenes.

    • I completely agree that Andrea has stolen the title as the most annoying character on the show. Have you noticed her incredible capacity for making incompetent decisions? She feel in love with Shane(bad guy), thought she could survive alone (false), and is now in love with the governor/antichrist. Not to mention turned her back on Michonne!! I had no idea the actor who plays Rick was British! He’s incredible. Every episode I am really impressed with his ability to show real emotion, sometimes I feel awkward because I’m watching a man “actually” cry, not just act. He’s the man! In Rick we trust!

      • I dub Andrea the “Walking Slut.” And I’m gonna be honest, seeing Rick break down made me feel ill because it was too heartbreaking to even stomach. In Rick we trust, indeed!

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